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The calendar below shows all the scheduled activities at the church. Our building is also available for community group meetings. Please call the church office with questions.

2019 Easter Season details:

Easter Lilies: Orders for lilies will begin March 1stThese lilies will decorate our sanctuary during the Easter worship service, and after the service you may take your lilies home with you. Lilies cost $11 each and can be purchased in honor or memory of a loved one. The sign-up sheet will be available during coffee hour, or you can call the office. The deadline to order is March 31.


Lenten Coin Folders: Lenten Coin Folders will be available Sunday, March 3For many years now, the Lenten Coin Folder has been a significant part of our Lenten Journey. Lent is a time of self-giving and self-sacrifice, as we follow the example of Jesus. The Lenten Coin Folder for us has been an important way to help others as a church community. The money we raise from the Lenten Coin Folders will be designated to support the One Great Hour of Sharing all church offering.

Lenten Services:

March 6th - Ash Wednesday

This day marks the beginning of the Lent. 

Worship Service @ 7 p.m.

Community Church of Fontana


March 27th

Soup and Bread Supper @ 6 p.m., Service @ 7 p.m.

Immanuel United Church of Christ, Walworth


April 3rd

Soup and Bread Supper @ 6 p.m., Service @ 7 p.m.

United Church of Christ Congregational, Williams Bay


April 10th

Soup and Bread Supper @ 6 p.m., Service @ 7 p.m.

First Congregational United Church of Christ, Lake Geneva


Holy Week Schedule

April 14 – Palm Sunday

10 a.m. service, Community Church of Fontana

April 18 – Maundy Thursday

7 p.m. service, Community Church of Fontana

April 19 – Good Friday

7 p.m. service, Community Church of Fontana

April 21 – Easter Sunday

6:30 a.m. Sunrise Service, Reid Park by Fontana Beach

10 a.m. Communion Worship, Community Church of Fontana

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