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“Members shall be expected to attend the regular worship of the Church and the celebration of Communion; to live the Christian life; to share in the life and work of the Church, to contribute to its support and benevolences; to seek diligently the spiritual welfare of the membership and of the community.”

Article IV, Section 4, of Community Church of Fontana’s Constitution.

Membership in the Christian church is both a privilege and an obligation. Our privilege is to experience God’s love for us; our obligation is to respond by being the visible and active expression of Jesus Christ in our time and place. Membership in this congregation is open to any person who requests it, who confesses faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, who agrees to its purpose and covenant, and who agrees to abide by the responsibilities of a member. In membership we become part of a caring community. We support each other in our worship services, in small groups, in fulfilling the various ministries of the church, in prayer and trusting counsel, in bearing one another’s burdens and sharing each other’s celebrations.

As a faithful reminder of the promise we made to serve God together and to support each other in our respective journeys of faith; members of this faith community are expected to:

Attend Worship. We come together to be centered on God in community with others. Regular attendance nourishes and renews our spirit. It reminds us that we are part of something greater than ourselves. We are strengthened to interact within our daily community with an attitude of Christian love and fellowship.

Serve. Contribute your time and talents to the church on a committee or church sponsored event(s). We are the hands and feet of Christ. Enjoy the fellowship of others as you engage in meaningful activities within this faith community. Serving is the culmination of our commitment to growth, a logical outgrowth of our study and sharing. Serving requires us to give of our time and talents regularly both within opportunities of the church and through other community involvements based on concern for people. It includes a willingness to be counted among those who seek to sharpen the conscience of society and to speak to social issues of the day. It is through service that the fellowship of our church becomes the community of loving servants, recognizing that our service is an outpouring of God’s love for others through us.

Give. “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven…for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:20-21) Our church budget is funded by the financial generosity of our members. You are encouraged to contribute a percentage of your resources. By doing so, as your resources change the dollar amount may vary; but your commitment to support the life and work of the church remains constant. We pledge ourselves to regular giving in order to assure a continuing, strong ministry to all whom this church can reach.

Pray. We believe that God is still speaking and that also means that God is listening. During worship we pray in community centered on God, supported by each other. During the week, we pray privately, for each other and to grow and move forward in our own personal faith journey.

Vote. As a member of Community Church of Fontana you have the right and the responsibility to vote for nominated lay leaders, to approve the annual church budget, and other important matters of the church that require congregational approval. Your involvement making decisions in the life of the church is essential to help our community of faith grow and change centered on God.