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In our tradition, church is not something you're in; it is something you doSpirituality is not something you feel; it is something you practice

Please join us for Sunday worship. Get to know us.

Explore questions of faith and study the Bible with a group of lifelong learners in our Adult Education group.

If you are seeking a church family, explore our information for prospective members.

Members and friends are always invited to help with our work, whether it be the care of our church, our community, or the wider world. There are many different ways to get involved.

Pennies Add Up

We participate in the following fundraising programs.

Amazon Smile Program

Amazon Smile Program
When you shop at smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate a small percentage of the value of your purchase to Community Church of Fontana. All you need to do is let Amazon know you'd like to support us with your purchases.

Sentry "Funds for Friends"

Sentry Funds for Friends Program

If you are a Sentry shopper, ask for a "Funds for Friends" sticker at checkout. As explained on their web site, "Daniels’ Foods Sentry donates a portion of sales to non-profit organizations. Customers can turn in their receipts, with a Funds For Friends sticker attached, to their local organization. The organization totals the receipts and submits them with a Payment Request form. The organization will then receive 1% of the total of qualifying receipts." 

We are always open to new suggestions, so if you would like to recommend another fundraising program, please call the church office.